Gas extinguishing systems

Gas extinguishing systems are vital components of fire suppression strategies, designed for areas where protecting high-value assets and sensitive equipment is of great importance. These systems utilize specialized gases to swiftly and effectively suppress fires without causing damage to the protected environment.

Technology and Functionality

Gas extinguishing systems operate by releasing specialized gaseous fire suppression agents such as clean agents (like Novec™ 1230) which interrupt the fire triangle (oxygen, heat, and fuel) by absorbing heat. Another solution involves using inert gases (like argon, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide) that disrupt the triangle by lowering oxygen levels below the point necessary for combustion. As a result, they effectively stop the combustion process without leaving residue or causing harm to the surroundings. These systems are engineered to detect and extinguish fires rapidly, offering a non-destructive alternative to traditional firefighting methods.

It is important to note that we recommend using inert gases due to their environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness. As they are natural gases, it is easier and significantly cheaper to refill the cylinders.


Gas extinguishing systems are ideal for safeguarding critical infrastructures such as electronic control system rooms, military installations, and they provide an excellent solution for museums, banks, and warehouses storing high-value items. Even in sound-sensitive environments like computer server rooms and data centres, the possibility of using acoustic nozzles allows for the seamless operation of a gas extinguishing system without affecting the functionality of electronic equipment.

Tailored Solutions

Our range of gas extinguishing systems is designed to meet diverse industry needs and regulatory standards. Customized solutions are tailored to specific environments, ensuring precision, reliability, and compliance with safety protocols and regulations.


  • Rapid Fire Suppression: Quick response time ensures fires are extinguished promptly, minimizing potential damage.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Gas agents leave no residue or harmful byproducts, making them environmentally safe.
  • Equipment Preservation: Protects critical high-value, sensitive items without causing damage during suppression.


Gas extinguishing systems are proactive guardians against fire threats, offering rapid, effective, and non-destructive fire suppression solutions. Engineered to protect critical environments and valuable assets, these systems represent reliability, precision, and environmental consciousness.


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