Water Mist

High-pressure water mist extinguishing systems utilize special nozzles to produce tiny droplets that rapidly absorb heat energy from combustion, effectively reducing the level of heat emission. As these droplets absorb heat, the water undergoes a phase change, transforming into steam with explosive force, expanding its volume approximately 1640 times. This expansion displaces the surrounding air, resulting in two distinct and powerful effects:

Intensive Cooling Effect: The high-pressure water mist provides intensive cooling across the entire area surrounding the fire, helping to control its spread and reduce the risk of heat-related damage to people and assets.,

Localized Oxygen Displacement Effect: Simultaneously, the system displaces oxygen directly at the source of the fire. This localized oxygen displacement further hampers the fire’s ability to sustain itself.

These two combined effects work in tandem to deplete the fire’s energy significantly faster than traditional firefighting systems. Consequently, people and valuable assets are safeguarded from both the intense heat and potential water damage.