This is a unique, mobile containerized system for pumping large amounts of water from great depth and for long distances. Water can be pumped from almost 60 metres deep, for some units from 15 m deep, and transported several hundreds of metres or even several kilometres. Pumping units provide a capacity from 1.000 l/min at 11 bar up to 45.000 l/min at 12 bar.

The basic working principle is a diesel engine-driven hydraulic pump providing traction for water pumping through hydraulic hoses. The equipment is fully automatic, requiring only minimal human intervention.

The Hytrans system allows for deploying the water hoses from the hose container truck at speeds of up to 40 km/h. A semi-automatic or uniquely patented automatic hose recovery unit is used, enabling the reeling of water hoses back into the hose container at speeds of up to 4 km/h.

The equipment is useful for supplying fire-fighting water during extensive fires, forest fires, pumping water during floods but also for supplying drinking water to humanitarian camps, etc.