Foam extinguishing systems

Foam extinguishing systems are used to protect facilities and technologies where flammable liquids or plastics are located, stored or used.

The foam concentrate is supplied from a tank to a proportioner where it is mixed with water and then it is transported through pipes to spray heads, foam generators, foam pourers or foam monitors that direct it to the fire source. We provide systems using low expansion, medium expansion and also high expansion fire-fighting foam. The type of foam used depends on the type of hazard.

The foam cover formed this way extinguishes the emerged fire, preventing reignition of flammable liquids or plastics.

Nowadays, some of the installed foam systems are subject to an EU regulation on restricting the use of perfluorinated substances. The regulation is already in force and we expect the ban of all fluorinated substances in the near future. We provide consultancy, technical and financial proposals to accomplish the transition from PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances) to fluorine-free foam systems, including waste disposal and special cleaning procedures.